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Samatone Yoga Style

                       Sama = to show great respect                  tone = vibration

Founded by Suze Curtis in 1996, this time-proven (testimonials), unique practice blends the power of asana with vibration. Practiced in 88-95 degrees, this discipline combines Power Vinyasa Flow with Organic Ultrasound™ ~ internal tonal vibration. SEE Video.

(See sound article supported by world-renowned Dr. Mehmet Oz).

The style incorporates breath, alignment, power vinyasa flow & warmth (room) with internal toning - a soft hummmmm during YIN stretches. The healing power of sound vibration is reflected in the hundreds of testimonies from our students over 15+ years.

This very popular 75-Minute practice features "call-outs" -a strong foundation to ensure quality practice flow.  Instructors have freedom to focus fully on all students -encouraging, guiding, adjusting, inspiring.

Students love that every class is consistent in sequencing, timing and instructor-attention.

The student is guided through a multi-level flow of non-impacting movements that can be performed by everyone – of any age – beginner to seasoned practitioner. You can release stress, build strength, increase flexibility, detox, stimulate weight loss, generate balance, reverse the aging process...and...just plain feel good!

Whether you desire to be challenged physically, relieve stress, or courageously face "your stuff" -you'll leave this practice glowing, stress-free & totally-energized.

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