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Through physics, we learn that vibration is the subtlest form of Matter (physical form). Ancient yogis understood sound as the source of all manifestation (physical form) -
that sound is the nearest we can get to God in the physical world. Great religious texts document sound as 'the beginning' - that which is before form. Though the healing power of
SOUND & COLOR vibration
is ancient, it is only in the most recent decade that this ‘healing magic’ is being reintroduced and taken seriously in our modern culture. 
Enjoy this great sound article regarding the health-benefits of sound (supported by world-renowned Dr. Mehmet Oz).

Sound Vibration (video) literally vibrates physical material into perfect geometric patterns. When the human voice is used - along with intent - the physical cells of the body can vibrate to strength & healing. Color also has vibration. Color Vibration (video) enters through the iris (our eyes). Before we were confined to offices/indoors, we consistently took-in the colors of nature. Do you notice how good you feel when you’ve been outdoors on a beautiful day? You’ve just experienced the blue sky; the green grass/trees; the red/orange/yellow & violet of the flowers, birds - the sun. In his books, Awakening To Zero Point and The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden reveals ancient drawings and texts discovered in buried ruins ~ showing us the most important qualities to balance for ‘ultimate health’ in all areas -- physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

One of the most amazing diagrams he found depicts the human form surrounded with the words oxygen, nutrition, movement along one side of the body . . . and . . . thought, feeling, emotion along the other side of the body ~~ illustrating to us that thoughts, feelings and emotions are literally 50% of our total health! Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. helps people heal from physical traumas by using their own voices. Following is an excerpt from his book The Healing Power of Sound: Lizzie had finally stopped screaming and returned to the car, if somewhat shaken up. But Alana (her mother) was experiencing severe pain from whiplash in her left shoulder, pain that lasted for many months, until she finally consulted Gardner-Gordon, a musician and holistic healer. “Gardner-Gordan encouraged Alana to revisit the accident in her mind, and to express through sound the terror she’d experienced in the moments after the crash” (Alana’s whiplash injury resolved itself after she vocally - sound/vibration resonance - released her terror) The foundation of Dynamic Power Yoga PLUS! is Vibration Resonance. By ‘feeling’ & ‘expressing’ while holding a pose ~~ the ‘frozen emotions’ can release from the physical body, thereby relieving tension, stiffness, pain, dis-ease - even if there is no conscious memory of why our body hurts. Most effective, however, is toFEEL’ in the moment ~~ while the event is still happening (as Lizzie, above). One of our Naturopathic doctors states so perfectly: “. . . then, it doesn’t have to be ‘un-done’ later . . .” ‘Lizzie’ screamed and screamed and screamed until she was exhausted, and she had no subsequent, lingering injuries. All emotion had been expressed & released from her body in-the-moment. “Alana’ had held her feelings ‘in check’ - FEAR that her daughter may be injured or killed. Her emotion became lodged in her neck/shoulder (whiplash). Through guidance & instruction by Dr.Gardner-Gordon, Alana replayed the experience LATER, and was able to feel, express & release the buried fear ~~ simultaneously, her whiplash injury disappeared.

Do your Samatone practice all-the-way

PLAY (with) the pose - in your PHYSICAL being

WAKE (up) your MIND to present awareness


ALLOW your SPIRIT to soar

And - most importantly - from this point forward - if you are in a situation where it is inappropriate in-the-moment
to cry or scream (or even, laugh-out-loud), promise yourself that the very next time you are alone, you will:

Replay the circumstance (in your MIND)

Experience the feelings (in your BODY)

Express fully (your EMOTION)

Breathe lightness & freedom (thru your SPIRIT)


.............helping create MIRACLES ~~ "Many Individuals Realizing A Collective Love Expressed Simultaneously" - Suze Curtis