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As a working mom with a demanding and difficult schedule, who also suffers from migraines, finding time for Suze's Power Yoga is by far the most important thing I do for myself.  It changes my mood, my day, and the more I do it, I feel it changing my life.  Suze and the rest of the teachers are not only motivating and inspiring, but they also give you the tools to visualize the power and purpose of each pose. They are incredibly knowledgeable but not at all intimidating.  Thanks to them, I take tight and painful muscles into the room and leave with a feeling of length and lightness that I cannot duplicate in any other form of exercise.  And more importantly, it gives you a chance to hit the "restart" button on your mental state. I can't tell you how much baggage I leave in that room every class, and I am so grateful Suze has given me a place to drop it off! 
Dana Larson, Anchor for Fox Sports Southwest

Just wanted to share a thought with you, in case someone may have the same struggles....When I hurt my back last year I really backed (hehe, no pun) off of yoga and all workouts....but when I started to feel a bit better, I thought (for some crazy reason) that I had to be a"certain" strength to come back to your classes. I spent about 9months bouncing from yoga class to yoga class...at my gym, at other studios.All I found was that I was taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back. I continued to hurt myself at these classes. I really believe that it is the order of the"flow" that you teach that is safe for our spines (yes, that is the chiropractor in me speaking). I am angry at myself for wasting those 9 months,because after the master class and 2 other practices with you, I feel stronger than ever. I don't have the pain after each class that I had at other places. Sooo, if anyone is struggling with an injury, don't think that you have to beat a certain level to return. Come back, modify, and you will grow and get stonger faster! Your classes are BOTH mind and body changing--something I didn't find anywhere else. Anyway...thank you for YOU and just thought this may help someone else.
Dr. Robin Shuchman, DC

I wanted to thank you. I received my health screening results today. I am in 100% A+ excellent health. I stopped going to the gym, in 2003, when I found your studio. For the past ten years, I have led a somewhat healthy lifestyle and practiced yoga at your studio. The proof is in my numbers. I've been sold on yoga for years, but the blood test results do not lie. It's amazing, thank you.  Selina White

I rarely have an opportunity to practice with Jennifer Cooper whom I love and respect as a teacher because she inspires me and makes me want to go deeper into my practice. I delayed my evening practice Tuesday night because she was scheduled to teach at 7:15 pm. When I showed up I found that Tiffanie was subbing for Jennifer .......... I was not disappointed ... Tiffanie did a beautiful job leading the class and challenged me to go further. This is what I love about our teachers ... the encouragement and passion they all have. Much love and gratitude for you and your ability to select the very best of the best to guide us. Would love some more Tiffanie time for all of us.  Wendy Clishan  XOXOXO

I loved your class...I visit Said inAddison about once a month (I live about 90 minutes away).  I told him that I want to return every time I visit, and even got some yoga DVDs to practice so I can keep up better.  I hope to see you all soon....one of the better life experiences I have had, and loosening up just one side of my hips started a lot of creative flow.  Thank you for the wonderful experience!
Brenda Sabbagh

Dear Suze,  Just wanted to thank the 'Hip Opener' class for 'sussing out' the soccer mom, who while talking on her cell rear-ended me @ 65mph on the tollway -- into the convertible car top that someone else kindly left in my tollway lane Tuesday.   My neck LOVED the 'minny vaction' and tears of joy came as you pulled my left shoulder out of my right ear. :)  I had total A.D.D. and was worried about my head ....but for 4min30sec  --the 'HO' showed me nothing was wrong and that I could concentrate -- if I really needed too.  You got me turning my head, bending my knee and most of all -- happy for the first time all week.  My love, joy and gratitude for the genius of what you do!  Blessings, Ariane Urschler

Dear Suze,  I cancelled my membership this summer on July 26th when my husband and I moved up North to the burbs in Allen. Since then, I've tried dozens of yoga studios that never compared with the yoga practice I loved at your studio.  I've realized that I would rather drive 30 (sometimes 45 minutes in traffic) minutes to practice at your studio than to go to a studio near my house and be disappointed.  I'm rejoining on the 12-month auto-draft again.  I don't know what I was thinking when I thought I could find a studio close to my house that measured up to yours, but I'm so thrilled to be back!  Looking forward to being in one of your classes soon!  Allie VZ

Comments from our Groupon Page ~ AND ~ MORE Personal Testimonies BELOW:

I have tried three other yoga studios. I always come back to Suze Curtis. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to begin your practice. If you are a seasoned yogi, this is a great place to move into the next level. You will not be disappointed.

I loved this class!

I love this place & recommend to all my friends!

I would absolutely recommend Dynamic Power Yoga! I have tried a few other studios, and this by far has been the best! I just completed my first class and I feel incredible! The energy here is amazing, and the classes are both challenging and inspiring.

Great studio, friendly staff I will be a permanent customer after my groupon is over.

Great, challenging classes, friendly, engaging instructors! I will definitely be back!

We've only been to 1 class so far, takes some getting used to, as we've never taken a Yoga class before. Hope to get some more instruction in the next few classes, excited to learn!

I've always wanted to try yoga. I finally took the plunge and took a class at Dynamic Power Yoga Plus in Addison. I'm so glad they advertised on Groupon because I LOVED it!!! I am so looking forward to my next yoga class there. I've already raved about the my experience there to many of my friends who now want to try a class there too.

Thank you. I enjoy your teachers. The people are all very friendly. They make you feel welcomed and part of the group.

Its the best kept secret in Dallas.


Suze, I wanted to tell you thank you for an incredible class! Today was much more than a workout for me. I'm still learning how to appreciate my body.It hasn't been easy since having Juliet. The emotions (about myself/body) are not as negative as they were, I believe my faith, my family and my time on the mat has everything to do with those changes.
I love being at DPYP!
Have a wonderful day.

Wendy C:
Frankie, thank you for your corrections today. I am most grateful to you … I don’t have enough opportunities to practice with you but I am always so grateful when you are there ….thank you for helping me become stronger …. Namaste

Kathy Jo:

: Sharing First Experience w/DPYP!

Message: When you arrived and were first introduced to our studio, did you find our First Contact friendly, welcoming & informative? Yes.
and…. was our Studio Environment clean, pleasant & inviting? Yes, ‘love the padded flooring and low lights for 5:45 a.m. class.
Was your Yoga Practice with us challenging and fun? Beyond challenging for my current level of fitness. Had to rest.
and…your Transformer inspiring, knowledgeable & helpful? Instructor Lisa was very watchful and helpful.

What are YOU – personally – looking for as you begin and/or continue your yoga journey? 2 yrs ago, (I was) 40 lbs lighter as running. Then left knee injury, cartilage removed. Just coming back from that and Oct 2011, rolled my ankle and fractured my right foot. Been biking, indoors but the weight came on 20 lbs per year. Eating has been with help of Nutritionist. Need more activity. Activity and sweating is what I am here for.

Thank you Julie Upton! Since joining the DPYP! family, Julie has been constantly helping me to improve my poses as well as work on my head stand.After giving me a some more tips on Monday night, Tuesday I was in a headstand! I appreciate Julie’s willingness to help me “perfect” my beautiful yoga. Much gratitude Julie! You are awesome.

Nancy Lambert:

I am a former instructor of Suze’s that recently relocated to northern Virginia. I LOVE the active outdoor lifestyle out here! Camping, hiking, jogging, yard games…Opps, rolled my ankle while playing outside. My first sports related injury, 2 months shy of my 34th birthday! I grew up as an athlete, free of injury and joint issues. I know that if not for the years of strengthing and stretching that I did at DPYP, this very low grade sprain could have been a lot worse. Furthermore, I learned at Suze’s that there are things I can do for myself, such as, breathing, om’s and affirmations to relieve pain, restore cells to health and support my body’s healing process. Also, never hurts to turn chakra chants on my ipod and stuff the ear phones inside the ace bandage on top on my ankle =)  I miss all of you dearly!  Love, Nancy Lambert

Reply: Suze
Awwwww, Nancy ~ How sweet are you!?!? Talk about “using” the wisdom of vibration in all ways – intention, affirmation, sound, color ~ We miss you,too. You are an extraordinary teacher and always share your gift in ways students leave the room inspired to be more! I KNOW your ankle is already healed. I hope you are able to teach in Virginia? Have them call me if you need a reference ~ it is a GLOWING reference
Love Always, Suze & Everyone @ DPYP! We all love & miss you, Nancy xoxoxo 

Mike Kawa:
My first class was with Lisa Saturday, then Frankie on Sunday. Great experience! Ann Skinner a friend of mine introduced me to your school. I plan on coming Tuesday morning 5:45am class. You have a great studio!

Pecolia Bradley:

I must say that I was very intimidated because this was the first time I have ever set foot in a Yoga class. I have always heard good things about the benefits of Yoga and have had a fascination, but for fear of looking like the armature that I am it kept me away. Although I was so lost my first time as I had no clue about breathing and poses Amber made me feel at ease. I am coming back on Thursday for round two!!! I have told everyone I know how freeing it was…I have peaked interest in a lot of my friends! Thank you, Pecolia.

Reply- Ann:
Pecolia, I totally remember those feelings, it is all normal and signs of you challenging yourself and opening yourself to possibilities and growth! We are right there with you. Love Wastefully, Ann (on the back row LOL)

Gina Owen:

Wow! That’s awesome! Thank you!
I was introduced to DPYP a while back by Yajaira McGovern. I was going to Uptown Yoga.

Now that I’ve moved, I plan to join DPYP. I went twice this past weekend. I absolutely love it! It’s definitely the best yoga in DFW (that I have experienced).
Thank you again!  

Re: 50thWinner
Congratulations Gina~! You are the 50th-Person to “Check-In / Tag / Like” DPYP! on Facebook. We’ve included Sheryl Duncan – owner of our Yoga Boutique – in this email. You are welcome to browse, choose, leave a note in the payment envelope – for any “screen-print” Yoga Tank Top of your choice. (“rhinestone” tanks are excluded)

Eileen Nagel:
Thank You Suze. AMAZING class this morning!!!!! Love the new routine and pace ~ everything!!!

Love you!! xoxo

Deborah Blumka:
Kendra – Ted and I loved your very challenging class on Sunday at 4:00.Thank You for your passion. I will not allow my heart and lung disease to define me! I have 30% less lung function than a healthy adult…My mind and passion are stronger because of you leading our practice.

Amanda Franklin:
The moment I walked into the studio, I was greeted by a very friendly, sweet girl. I felt comfortable right away. The class was very challenging. I have not taken a yoga class in 3 years, so I struggled with my balance, flexibility and stamina. After doing Cross Fit for the past couple of years, my joints and muscles are as tight as ever. I am hoping this class will help me to regain my flexibility, help alleviate painfrom the tightness in my hips and help me become a more tranquil person. I have been trying to get pregnant to no avail. The doctor says I am too stressed and my body is not producing the right hormones. I hope yoga will help me find balance and serenity. Thanks!


What is unique about Suze’s instructors is that she looks for those with life experiences that have learned through many years of yoga to incorporae the practice into their everyday life. It is not about being perfect or a perfect pose at DPYP! It’s about being fearless enough to go deeper into your yoga practice beyond vanity to where we truly store our emotional baggage that turns into insomnia, aches & pains, mood swings, disease, etc. It is more than just a physical practice, it is life changing studio.

Jamie Ethridge:
I was told a year ago I needed major back surgery so I started going to Suze’s three times a week for the past year and I just got my MRI results back and my back is showing slight improvements so no surgery is needed at this point. I love this studio!!

Dana Fruhling:
I really miss the target specific classes on the calendar taught by Suze. I did notice that this month there are some hip opener classes specified, great!! I always plan around these hip classes because I need to work on this area!!

Bria Ballard:
I just wanted to say that I absolutely love Suze’s. It is such a great atmosphere. I wish I lived closer to you guys so that I visit more often!

I have been dropping in at DPYP for the past few months and finally decided to become a member. So excited! The sense of peace and strength you will feel after each class is amazing. I have frequented quite a few studios in the DFW area and no other compares. The classes vary each week and are always challenging. Sometimes too challenging for my weak little arms, but I am improving. I brought my sister, who was hesitant due to bad past experiences atother studios, and she loved it!

Angelica Boyd:
Good Morning! I tried out the Hot Power Yoga Studio in London this morning and I must say, in my opinion, Suze’s DPYP is the #1 Studio in the WORLD!!! I’ve tried various other styles and studios all over the US as well and it makes me appreciate DPYP even more! Thank You

Noel Kaplonski:
We joined your studio for the first time this past Monday night and thoroughly enjoyed our practice. When we arrived we were greeted with a smile and lots of great information. The smell was much nicer than other hot yoga studios I’ve visited and the ambiance is soothing. I love the pace of the class, a great workout! I also felt empowered at the end of my practice. My husband enjoyed the class as well and appreciated how our instructor was so motivating. We will definitely be returning!

Kim Salisbury:
Hi Suze – My daughter & I were at your practice Sunday and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed!!!! It was a beautiful practice that felt so good. I have had a terrible respiratory cold over the last 10 days and it was my first practice feeling better. Your passion, love and expertise is very obvious and I look forward to many more practices. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure being in your studio. Namaste!

Tara Olah:
Hi Suze,

It has been ages since we last spoke and I hope you are well. I attended your classes for almost 2 years before moving to Houston for law school in 2005. You were so kind to burn my favorite programs (PB 1, 2, 6 and which I practiced with faithfully through law school and while studyingfor the bar exam (licensed in 2008!). I am now married (in Aug 2011) and am still practicing with these CDs 3-4 times a week (my husband loves them too!). Anyway, thank you so much for supporting me all these years. If you ever open a studio in Austin, I will be your most faithful yogi. Happy holidays and all the best, Tara

Julie Nelson:
Suze, Thank you for facilitating such a lovely practice this morning. I appreciate your compassion and sensitivity both physically and otherwise. Blessings to you and your loved ones during this season of gratitude.

Suze – what a great charity event! It was especially powerful for me, not sure…possibly a combination of good cause, unexpected physical and mentally challenging 111 Sun Salutations, perhaps I was really in a place to receive! In fact, I know the last one had a lot to do with it. During one of the passages read about the Phoenix, I had to release some tears, but nobody noticed because it looked just like the sweat that was covering the rest of my face. From after class to the next morning, I came to 5 big revelations.

Now that’s some POWER yoga! If you could send me the passages that were read during the event, I would greatly appreciate it or tell me the author/book so I could find it myself. I have not been to a yoga class as moving as yours, there was truly a sense of transformation and I thank you deeply for that. Love, Joy!

I’ve been coming to Suze’s studio for over 3 years now. I’ve practiced yoga for over 10 years but this is the most comprehensive yoga practice I have experienced. It is not only physically challenging but it gets to the core of your self, it makes you face your frustrations and fears. The physical aspectof the practice is very intense and it helps bring up stored stress and negative emotions that weigh us down, and all of that comes out with the sweat and vocal releases that Suze encourages in her classes. After a long and stressful day I go to practice and come out feeling recharged and able to face any new challenge. It provides a coping mechanism. Every yoga practice is a combination of an intense work out and a spiritual experience. Thank you, Suze for being such an inspiring teacher, and for having such wonderful instructors for all your classes! Yoga has gotten me through some very rough times in my life, so thank you for providing a place to build strength both physically and mentally!

Excellent!!!! I was greeted by Megan with a smiling face and a radiant spirit. She welcomed me in and gave me a tour. Due to personal injury and lack of experience I was hesitant. Megan offered a $30 all month yoga. Since I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I signed up for the month. Then proceeded to class. Kendra was the instructor….can I say wow!!!! Absolutely, without a doubt the most amazing workout I have ever had. I’ve been an athlete all my life and there is absolutely nothing that has invigorated my somber body quite like this class. I can’t wait for the next class.

Jill Gill:
Suze, this was my first yoga class. I really didnt even know what a Warrior or Down Dog was…so you get my drift. I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and able to handle the extreme stress going on in my world right now. The instructor said it was a little different format…i really have nothing to compare it to. I have issues with the heat so my goal was just to finish the class and the temps. I felt a little funny a couple of times but made it! Afterwards, i felt great ALL DAY! I have never sweated so much. I used to train with Dawn Griggs for many years and she has been trying to get me over there for a while. I have no idea what took me so long. I will be back!

Pushpa Anand:
Also SUZE……..’love those little moving, short sentences – that come on the extreme, top right-hand side of your web page. They are soooooooooo INSPIRATIONAL!!!

Thank You!!!

Pushpa Anand:
I was at Suze’s class this morning (Aug 2nd 9:30-11:00a.m) and I haveto say that I have been going to Suze’s Yoga for the last 8 years……..and you would think you know it all – in all the poses – that you have repeatedly done over the years…….but NO……SUZE takes you to another place altogether with a slight challenging change to each posture. YOU ARE AMAZING SUZE!!! Cannot find enough adjectives to describe you. Inspirational, motivational, fabulous, awesome, challenging, driven, encouraging, out-of-this-world (one word adjective only for SUZE) and the list goes ooooonnnn. Thank you Suze……ever, ever, ever GRATEFUL to you and your transformers!!!!

Robert Boynton:
Your classes have been so amazing. I’m currently taking radiation and you have been so kind to me for allowing me to attend at no cost. I’m truly blessed. The classes have helped me keep up my strength and endurance greatly attributing to a great quality of life. I’ll be back in regular status in the not too distant future. Last week I attended classes from Jami and Frankie and they both were superb. You should be so proud of your talented staff. Thanks so much for your generosity and grace.

Teah Fortner:
My first experience with DPYP! was my first experience with yoga –period. The staff at the door was warm and welcoming, and very helpful with information about what I could expect. The studio was very clean and the bathroom was EXCEPTIONALLY clean and well stocked. The practice itself was very different that what I expected in a good way. I expected snooty people to judge me because I didn’t know what I was doing, but it was exactly the opposite. I received help and encouragement every step of the way…and the way was hard! It was difficult, but not impossible. During the practice I could see where I need improvement, but it only made me want to come more often to do better. I came with the hope of a good work-out and ready to burn come calories, and I left feeling strong and supple…and empowered. It was amazing. The next day I wanted to come right back. I felt worked-out, but not sore, and my body was ready and calling for more great stretching!

Ketki Zaveri:
I just wanted to let you know that your classes have been so beautiful and wonderful! I had to relocate to Austin for my work. I tried different classes around this place, but unfortunately – found nothing even remotely close to your class. I wanted to thank you for the amazing yoga practice that you helped me with @ DPYP! Namaste!

A male perspective on why this is better:

I first sought-out yoga about 3 years ago after I broke my ankle, jumping on a trampoline. Lying in bed I realized that the reason it broke – simply – was because I lost my flexibility. So I started going to random studios and trying yoga. At first I didn’t like any of them. Really I thought it was just the yoga in general that wasn’t fun. So I quit going altogether. Then a girlfriend of mine recommended Dynamic Power Yoga PLUS!. So I attended a class. Let me tell ya – it blew me away! I had no idea that it could be so challenging and fun! What really got me hooked though was how much it benefited my other work-outs. I started reaching major gains immediately in all my other activities. I said to myself, wow there really is something to all this ‘yoga-shmoga’ business

Why this is better studio:
After attending class for about 3 months, my carrier forced me to move to Houston TX – where I attended numerous yoga classes and studios and they was ehhh…… the next year, my carrier transferred me to Austin, TX where I attended several different studios, only to meet the same disappointment. So – I stopped going altogether – Again!

Long story short – I quit my job – and am now back in Dallas for good. I started attending class @DPYP! again, and guess what? It’s great! See – I realized something significant– it takes more than just effort to have a great work-out. It takes a great coach! This studio is full of them. I am 5’10″ – 210lbs – and I promise you this – when I’m in this studio working my tail off, sweating out of every pore of my body – it is not a pretty sight. But these coaches! Man, they’re right in the mix of things! If my body isn’t where it should be, they’re on it – moving it for me! Meanwhile, I’m sweating all over these poor teachers and their only concern is making sure every student in that class, is pushing themselves to be better and better! This hands-on approach is something that you will not find anywhere else – from Frisco to Ft. Worth to Dallas – or anywhere the State of Texas! And I’ve been to all of them! It takes a coach to make a champion! And this place rocks!

Although I am not on the mat as much as I would like to be, yoga has made a big impact on others around me. I am always at peace, and this creates peacefulness in the people and environment around me. It is like walking around in a bubble of protection all day long.

I went to class this morning, and I ended up crying, many thoughts came to me, but the biggest one was thankfulnes for been in your class, for been so lucky that I can hear your message. I went through very hard times the last months, but been in your class, has opened a new window. I feel incredible, I feel in peace, in harmony and full of love. Thank you Suze for giving me all of this, you are a wonderful teacher and you have touch my life in a beautiful way. God Bless you !

I visited for the first time on Wednesday, January 19 and had the pleasure of taking a class taught by Suze! It was awesome. It was very hard for me, but I did not feel pushed to do more than I could. I felt encouraged and comfortable while in there with seasoned yogis! I really enjoyed it and felt GREAT afterwards. I came back today, Jan 21 for a second dose. Again, difficult but I feel great right now! I will definitely be coming back regularly!

I bought the one month pkg deal and have been 4 times so far. Every instructor and person I have met has been amazing. Great experience all around.I look forward to finally meeting Suze at class Wed.

Thank You, Suze and Staff: My daughter 20 y.o. Lauren liked your 9am class yesterday. She said “she is very pretty” (twice). I am grateful to you for being attuned to your students needs. Thank you for subtly giving her the recognition and encouragement she needs to survive.

I love, love, love yoga @ this studio!
I have a chronic medical condition & had back surgery March 10. I’ve tried walking but when the temp outside is in the upper 80′s @ 6am, walking just doesn’t work well. Also, walking did little for the chronic muscle & joint pain. Through a Social Living deal, I discovered DPYP! yoga. I’m hooked. This is the most thorough work-out I’ve ever had. In past lives, I’ve run, done aerobics, power-walked, and walked. This is the best head-to-toe workout. I come to the studio from work and am a little stressed from my day. By the time I leave I’m calm & relaxed. My muscles are sore in a good way and my joints don’t hurt. I’m ready to face anything!

I’d recommend yoga to anyone, but I’d recommend DPYP! to everyone!

Laura Benchekroun:
I stopped working out 3 months ago at my gym, I got in a rut and noticed how fast my body changed from not working out weekly. I was looking for something new, then I came across a living social special for DPYP! and I decided to try it. This was the best thing I have done for myself in a LONG TIME! I have been a part of 8 classes with the many transformers, all different. I allowed myself to cry once the lights turned out – and just take-in what I had accomplished. What I am finding with yoga it’s a relationship, a true gaining of ones strength in yourself. I leave every time feeling renewed and stronger and I have only had 8 classes. I have canceled my membership at 24 hour and have signed up for the next year (@ DPYP!); and, I am so excited for what is yet to come – my transition of my inner strength and my body changes.Yes after 8 classes I see changes in my body. Not weight loss but inches shedding and a waist line becoming visible again. Thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful world of being true to yourself.

I had a class with Christina this evening, and it was the most challenging one I have had to date. I had feelings that touched me deep in my core. Thank you, Christina, for giving me one ultimate inner body challenge today. Namaste.

I have taken yoga all over the world. Suze’s yoga and the people who work for her are absolutely THE BEST~! I had the most challenging, releasing, left-it-on-the-mat practice I’ve ever experienced. I was allowed to modify or take a break without feeling judged; and, for some reason I felt so inspired, I wanted to go deeper & breathe into poses (rather than quit). Her staff is smiling & helpful & respectful. Suze’s wisdom is unbelievable – she says things that I can’t figure out how she could possibly have known. It (her empathy) seems to morph into her other instructors, as I’ve now enjoyed 3-4 (of her) other instructors, and all of them said something that was just what I needed to hear that day~! I am practicing here every time I’m in Dallas. ThankYou, Suze & all of you at DPYP! for such a WONDERFUL experience~! Namaste.

This weekend I visited “Bodies The Exhibition” in downtown Dallas, and was really amazed at discovering how beautifully created the human body is. It was a fantastic opportunity to “lose myself” and be mesmerized by how ingenious and delicate it all is. The overall experience was made all the better knowing that after almost 2 years of practice at DPYP… I know and feel that I’m consciously doing my part to make this magnificent machinery run the best that it can. The next time I do three “ohms” before Shavasna… they’re going to sound like an idling Bugatti Veyron.

If you want to gain a new appreciation for your practice, you’ve got about 2 weeks left before the exhibition leaves Dallas.

For the past year I have been on a quest to live a more healthy, adventurous and fun filled life. I have made major changes in my eating habits, my spirituality and over all life. However even with all the changes I have made I always felt like there was a missing piece in my life that is until Tuesday August 3rd the day I came to your class.

I felt right away like I had come “home” as if someone had open a door I had been knocking on for years begging to get in…..hope that makes sense. It became a very emotional experience for me. I even ended up crying uncontrollably at the end of the class…..

No need to say you have a student for life. I have since then come 3 times a week and actually miss the class on the days I don’t come.

As for my experience with your studio and staff….everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful. I love the lay-out of your studio and think you are an amazing teacher.

I am extremely grateful for the gift you have brought to my life.

Your staff was VERY nice and helpful! The studio clean and inviting. A very calm atmosphere! Jami was the instructor. I really liked her and she was very helpful with me, especially since I’m a newbie! Plan on coming back for more!! 

Good Morning Suze,
Just wanted to let you know that Monday night’s class was awesome. You should call that class the “Energizer Bunny” class. After class I felt so energized, happy and content. Thank you for everything. I am so grateful you are in my life! Have a great week.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your class, and I loved the music too. I found myself a lot more open to letting the vibration happen because the music was almost encouraging me to. It was beautiful to experience just as I am, sometimes a thought would enter that “oh man if I wasn’t pregnant right now I could do so much more”, but I let that go, and tried to remain present in this body at this time!

I am so thankful that my client Angelica told me about you guys!! Mine and my boyfriend Joey’s first experience was awesome!! We loved it and we loved Jami! She was really welcoming and made sure that we felt comfortable and knew just how to hit a posture the correct way. The woman at the welcome desk was nice and she welcomed us warmly. I LOVE the yoga room! Your entire space has an amazing energy but the transformation room was really comforting and we really enjoyed it.
I had tried yoga for a short time at another studio and for Joey this was his first time. Yoga on Sunday with Jami blew the other studio out of the water! We thought the end of the class was the best when we all had time to meditate and as a group chant the aum and then with the 7th chakra frequency! We couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards because Joey and I have just recently started on our spirtual journey together and have been learning about the chakras and opening them up and meditation. So we really felt that we were meant to find your studio. We feel really blessed! We will be definitely getting a membership!
Thanks for caring about our experience!

Audrey Gruber:
I have been a committed devotee of your yoga for years; all the way back to the studio next to the fondue restraurant where all the waiters would watch us practice! Your yoga practice is amazing and you are so strong and beautiful; I feel so powerful and good when I leave your class, it’s the highlight of my day. All the instructors are great and I love all the yoga “regulars” I see every time I go. I tried lots of studios all over Dallas but nothing compares to your style of yoga. Thank you so much!
Audrey G.

Gene Cottongim:
Suze – You are the best – I am a fan of yours – Your classes are tough but you do it all with love – Namaste

Hello!! I just wanted to say thank you again for an amazing yoga class!I have missed it so much and I am glad to be back into it! I went back into advertising so I have been working long days but I am making time for yoga. I enjoy it so much. My two girlfriends loved your class so much last night. Deana is going to go with me again tonight and she is going to get a membership so we can start going three to four times a week!! Thx so much, again. You are such an amazing teacher and you have the best energy. I just enjoy you so much – so thanks for such a wonderful class!! Have a great day!!

Suze, I want you to know how inspiring you are to everyone. I’ve enjoyed all the classes and hope to come more often. I love your bio and all that you represent.
Thanks for the uplifting message. It’s so true to be True to Yourself. Looking forward to many many more classes!

Suze, wanted to share my mommy-moment with you, and why my yoga mat is my life raft when I need it! I practiced this morning, loved your amazing class, I felt so strong and calm…cut to nap time almost 1-2 hrs later than usual… Little guy had a meltdown, our first, real, true, throw yourself on the floor, scream like a banshee 2 year old meltdown… for about 10 min! I sat in his room with him and remained calm, poor thing he was so confused. First he was mad, then he wanteda hug, then he wanted to thrash on the floor some more, anyway long story short, I closed his blinds, turned out the lights, picked him up and proceeded to Ohmmmmmm…he fell asleep in my arms. I never lost my cool, I stayed out of my head and remained in my heart. Sounds strange to say this, but it was a beautiful experience. I approached the situation with compassion, therefore witnessed it all through a different light. Thought you would share in the joy of my mommy-moment, thank you! Namaste!

I started my first asanas at Suze’s a couple of years ago. To be honest at the beginning I was not sure why I was doing Yoga, but I did persist in my practice. After five months I started to notice some changes such as more flexibility and lightweight. During my first year of practice (and my first detox) I lost some pounds.

Now I have maintained 120 pounds from 139 ! Also my sleep problems, stress and tiredness have almost disappeared. And wow !…It’s been two years… And I hope to keep practicing and learning more from Suze for many more years. I love you Suze !

Sam Lam:
I have lost 30 pounds this past year (diet helped too), and I owe it to Suze’s yoga. She is also an awesome instructor that knows how to kick my butt every time I am in her class. I no longer lift weights or do any other working out, as there is no substitute for how great yoga is, especially Suze’s! I do yoga now 5 to 6 times a week and it is life changing.


John G:
After 1 year of DPYP! I feel in better shape than I have in 30 years! Still a long way to go……

…one of these days I’ll get my heels to touch the ground in a ‘down dog’!