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Amanda Dellow, E-RYT .
Amanda Dellow, E-RYT, first fell in love with yoga more than a decade ago. What was initially inspired by a desire to be in better shape has evolved over the years into a way of living fully. Amanda has a deep understanding of traditional yoga practices and modern yoga science, bringing a well rounded yet playful approach to her classes that will leave you relaxed and at ease. She truly has a passion for helping others enrich their lives through the practice of Yoga and empowering each person to become more comfortable in their body and to live in it with purpose, power, and intent. Her classes will help you build strength, increase stamina, develop flexibility and also bring relaxation and ease into your busy life! The practical teachings of yoga have helped her overcome so many hurdles and also showed her the joy found in so many things, big and small. Her practice began in 2004 with a lovely, sassy little woman who encouraged her to go deeper, to seek more teachers and inspired her to grow her practice. She is so grateful to the many teachers she has studied with throughout this wonderful journey and it is her intention to honor all of them in the way she shares the teachings of yoga. After surviving a near fatal trauma accident in 2010, she suffered with PTSD while rebuilding her physical body and this experience led her to the practice of Yoga Nidra. She continues to teach and practice yoga nidra regularly. This practice is regarded as her most important offering by her highest teachers, due to its simplicity and amazing healing benefits. When she is not in the studio, she is raising two teens, reading books, snuggling sweet pup Winston, making smoothies, loving live music, burning
Lisa Watkins, RYT
AAAI/ISMA (Phase I & II, Advanced), Samatone Yoga (2,000 teaching hours since 2008). For me, yoga has been evolving and life changing in ways I hadn’t expected. Since the age of five, sports and exercise have been a huge part of my life. Always extremely active, I’ve always been involved in soccer, track, softball, volleyball, running, weights, exercise classes, and anything else to keep me strong and fit. It wasn’t until much later that I realized the importance of giving as much attention to my mental/emotional health. In 1997 when I moved away from my hometown and away from my usual means for fitness I decided to try out a yoga video, mostly as a way to relieve stress. Over the next several years I stayed involved in yoga on and off when I could find it at different gyms I belonged to. I began to enjoy it more and more as I found yoga that challenged me and gave me a great workout. It wasn’t until I joined Samatone Yoga by DPYP! that my yoga practice became much more than a way to break a sweat and stay in shape. Unexpectedly, over these last few years, yoga has gone from a “workout” to a lifestyle in many ways. I feel like I have truly become more aware of how my thoughts and emotions show up in my physical body. This awareness in turn has allowed me to understand that I can’t have physical health without taking equal care of my mind and spirit. And while it can be frustrating to find the struggles of life show up as struggles in my practice, it is equally empowering to find the principles of yoga play out in my everyday life in my approach to hard times and my overall outlook on life. Not only do I see the connection to yoga and my own life, but it has be such a natural complement to my career as a therapist. I know that yoga will forever be an integral part of my life and that there will always be room to grow and evolve in my personal practice, as a teacher and as a whole person.
Sheryl Duncan
AAAI/ISMA (Phase I & II, Advanced) - Samatone Yoga - 40-Hour Yoga Alliance 'Principles of Teaching & Adjustments - 1,500 teaching hours since 2009. Yoga and I have been in a relationship since 2003. When you find the fountain of youth – you stick with it. That is how I see my practice. I taught aerobics in the late 80′s and later ‘was into weight training. When I heard about yoga – like many others – I didn’t think it would be enough of a work-out for me. Since 2003, yoga fills my exercise routine. To find something that strengthens and tones my body, harmonizes my inside & outside world and brings flexibility and youth – THAT is the “the real secret”. When I started at Suze’s studio, I was FAR from flexible. Everything – from an old neck injury – to arthritis in my hip -to low back pains from lifting my twins – inhibited me from feeling in good physical shape Yoga brought me out of this state of feeling “older” and into a state of feeling “younger”. Along with flexibility – also on my mind is osteoarthritis – apparent in both my mother and grandmother. The healing methods of yoga assist in combating these physical symptoms “if” passed on to me. Yoga is as challenging as you crave or as restorative as you need. Vertigo creates the challenge of balance in my poses. As I practice, if/when the room spins – I retrain my brain to focus on steady balance. Along with a healthy diet, I also maintain Hypoglycemia. My yoga practice is a tool to improve my health. Yoga is also my stress release – increasing my energy as it detoxifies my body. As moms we take care of everyone else; YET – only we can be responsible to take care of ourselves and to give back to ourselves. At 44, I truly feel like I’m in my 20s physically. My desire is to share the wonderful shift yoga has brought me with the amazing yogis in Suze’s studio.
Stacey Ferrari
After living in southern California for 18 years, my employer offered to move me back to Texas when my 19-year marriage dissolved late 2013. I moved to Dallas with a new job, new lifestyle, new city and didn’t know but a small handful of people. I went from a successful outside selling job to spending most days in my home at my computer and on the phone building a new business with very little people contact. Not wanting to go to bars to meet people, out to eat most of the time alone and still purging all the things from my previous home, shopping was out of the question. I had been active most of my life but wanted to find an exercise that didn’t destroy my knees and other joints. My neighbor brought me to Samatone for a Suze class on a Saturday with no after class scheduled. It was one of the best, most challenging activities I was ever involved with and touched me mentally and spiritually. I was hooked. This yoga practice truly saved me. I was suffering depression and severe loneliness. This studio became my sanctuary. It was not unusual for me to come to practice 6-7 days a week. No matter how bad I felt, I knew the (good) feeling and emotion I would have afterwards. Not only did I lose 20 pounds, my body shape changed. I am healthier now than when I was in my 40’s. Every practice enforces balance, strength, endurance and confidence that no matter what life issues show up, I can do this. Being able to share this with other people is sincerely an honor. Each time I teach, I relearn the importance of focus and the integrity of each pose and what it offers. I have a grateful heart and an abundance of gratitude to participate at Samatone and to share this practice with others.
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